About Project 

A 40 year renewed doctor contacted us with a vision to change an area of Queens, NY. Working in unity with Franchise Guardian®, we dubbed the project “The project revitalization” as to ensure anyone knew what we were off to do, revitalize the community. With a multi unit Franchise brand development and cooperation, we are turning thousands of Sq. ft into a thriving commercial and residential destination

Project History

After months of planning, site visits, unifying architects, builders, consultants, Franchisors, engineers and more, we created a virtual 3D rendering that kicked the project into high gear and made it a reality! The Project revitalization may be coming to a city near you, soon!

ClientAcure Health, inc
Created byFranchise Guardian and Advisley
Completed2 June 2022
SkillsAdvisors, designers, negotiators
ProjectThe Project Revitalization

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