Business management software

Business management Software

The digital realm and what it is doing for business is both great and can be very bad. Currently there are over 32 million businesses operating in the United states, with less than one percent that make up large businesses. It is no secret that large corporations have the funds, resources, expert tech talent and Business management Software/technology already implemented into their business models, allowing them to advance, grow and eat up more territory faster than ever before.

So where does this leave small business? Well, that depends. Small businesses are not entirely ignoring digital software solutions, they are likely using various Business management Software platforms which amount to large monthly subscription costs, vast learning curves for new staff, the juggling of dozens of passwords and additional consequences that are widespread and hinder growth. Large Companies are utilizing single all-in-one Business management Software platforms such as FranPort that allows for a single login for everything, branded in their companies name, logos, color scheme, various internal and external protocols, marketing funnels, automations, and much more, adding even more to their proprietary and intellectual property stack and standard operating procedures and practices.

With so much technology launching into the marketplace as viable options, especially after Covid, and so many solicitations daily from these SAAS (Software as a service) companies, it is hard for small businesses to even know where to begin. One thing is for sure, however, gearing and plugging into the latest in technology is no longer an elective, it is an absolute necessity in today’s new business arena as consumers demand products faster, clients demand streamlined processes, and business appeal matters more than ever nowadays.

Some features of all-in-one Business management software include;

  1. CRMS
  2. Sales Funnels
  3. Task Managers
  4. Project managers
  5. eSigning
  6. Secure payment vaults
  7. Proposals
  8. Internal protocols
  9. Team/client talk
  10. Learning systems
  11. Automations
  12. Email campaigning
  13. Logistics
  14. Calendars
  15. Accountability structures
  16. File Transfers
  17. Accounting software
  18. Client/staff On-boarding
  19. Teams/Projects centralized

And much more!

As you can see, software integration into your business model provides endless solutions to problems, facilitates growth, reduces errors, increases efficiency and speed, increases your brand’s appeal both internally and externally and centralizes everything, or does it… Just ask Kevin Monahan, the Founder and CEO of Franchise Guardian® who is revolutionizing how franchises manage, launch and market franchises using FranPort and Artificial intelligence. “Due to the vast complexities of franchising, the need for sound infrastructure, the various internal and external operational considerations, the rapid growth some franchises experience, complexities surrounding managing staff/franchisees and protocols certainly becomes overwhelming for Franchisors. Lacking of sound infrastructure will lead to failed franchise systems, whether their products, services and/or offerings are exceptional or not. As such, standard operating procedures and a systematic repetitive robust all in one software engines, greatly reduces failure rates and increases growth exponentially, hence the reason this is the only way we will do business”.  

Using various platforms is not limited to only significant costs, but can and will become overwhelming for teams to manage so many platforms. This is why Advisley is strongly advising SMB’s to adopt all in one platforms like Franport into their business model sooner than later. With the speed in which business has accelerated, coupled with so many new software tools, puts all businesses into a tricky situation whereby if you choose not to adapt and adopt these new software tools and practices, and evolve into a digital company, no matter what product or service you provide, you will experience considerable consequences that can absolutely be averted with the right software program for your business. 

Not tech Savvy? There are even software companies that will build out and implement all of the above for your company, leaving zero excuse not to get with the times. Remember, this is just the beginning of the tech revolution, thus the companies that choose to ignore this fact will pay dire consequences as more small businesses jump on the tech train!

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