The Revitalization Project – Queens, New York Introduction

A 40 year renewed doctor contacted us with a vision to change an area of Queens, NY. Working in unity with Franchise Guardian®, it made sense to name the project “The project revitalization” as a symbolism of a revitalization of urban communities, starting in Queens, NY. With a multi unit Franchise brand development and cooperation, we are turning thousands of Sq. ft into a thriving commercial and residential destination with 75-100 car parking lot adjacent to the building, a true valuable addition to what we believe will be the most successful brand development in modern day queens history. 

Project History

After months of planning, site visits, unifying architects, builders, consultants, Franchisors, engineers and more, we are now looking for ambitious brands to fill our units and provide a newly founded pulse to a beautiful town in Queens, NY! This is not just another opportunity, we are changing communities and we want you to be a part, if you think your brand has what it takes…!

  • Dedication
  • Emersion
  • Driven
  • knowledgeable


A new approach, a modern execution, with the best people, processes and soon to be YOUR PRODUCTS and services is a winning strategy!

With a few courageous, creative and ambition entrepreneurs and professionals, a location that some dream of having a shot at their brand being located, our strategy provides the highest rate of success by understanding more than mere business, but innovative, bold ideas that truly transmute into monetary success and community change! 


The Project revitalization team has decades of collective experience, talent from all segments, and more importantly, intimately understands what the people want. Gone are the days of cookie cutter box locations since the .com error, people now want diversity, they want change, the want The project revitalization and thats exactly what we are giving to them!

  • Bold
  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • proven


Who are we? With a dream team from all walks of business, our collaborations and unity is spearheading change!

A renewed doctor from New York, a serial entrepreneur from the City, a team of the nations best builders, coders, markers and business developers, we have left no void, no stone unturned and nothing not considered.


With a leadership team that works inside and out of the franchise segment and understands, to the core, each business model, our leadership team are unified, experts and ready to not only make change, but change how business is conducted. With a non traditional, attractive business plan, to our projections, green and dream team, your brand can become apart of something bigger than itself. Learn more about The Project Revitalization and begin to revitalize with us!

  • Talent
  • Change
  • Diversity
  • Winners


With the right ingredients, success is a walk in the park! Our dedication to The Projection Revitalization is to 100% absolute success!


Got Brand? Start Revitalizing with us!

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Position your brand

Position your brand in the heart of New York, in the happening place, with a highly dense population of the perfect diversity of people, places and things…Revitalize with us!

All Size Brands

Wether a small, medium or large franchise brand, you will discover the difference, the excellence and the success of The Project Revitalization!

Community strong

This Multi Brand development is not just “business as usual”, it provides opportunity, change and community comradery! Let’s build community together.