How Brand Marketing determines success

As the technology revolution gains speed and new tools, techniques, A.I and platforms emerge, so do our obligations as business owners. Long has passed since a radio ad, a press release and a mailer gets the job done. In 2022 we are now faced with endless bubbles of “digital hangouts” where the perfect prospects for your brand are just waiting to see your offer, but will they is the question… The truth is with so many platforms, so many rules, guidelines, algorithmic considerations, which 99% of people do not know a thing about, many personal brands and business owners are so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to begin – but we do, keep reading on for Brand Marketing considerations and growth solutions that guarantee results… let’s put this into greater context and really explore shall we, let’s take a peak;


Platforms that you should be building brand and advertising on, include but are not limited to;

Facebook , Instagram , Tik Tok , LinkedIn , Google AdWords , Google My Business , Google Maps , YouTube , Yelp

Reddit , Gmail , Custom mailers , Commercials , Radio ,Print mailers , WhatsApp , Relevant site Ads, Blogs , Press..

And much more…

The list above is just the start as true Brand Marketing experts must first strategize the following;


The message , Keywords, keyword phrases, Anchor text and linking, competition, what product or services to Market , Research for the Demo and GEO, The call to action to convert , Clickable content to land

Actionable content , The theme , SEO practices, Linking content , High Quality content , on page/off page SEO, Best practices of course , font types, sizes, Oh… and the best times to even post..

And much more!


Now we are ready, or are we…Not a chance! Now we need to disseminate the content, use best practices on each platform, engage the audience and repeat everyday at a minimum. Ok, so we come up with a piece of content, and publish it on these platforms, right? NO! Each platform has its own demographics, times to post, certain content, and of course, the algorithms to consider. As an example, what you would post on instagram, is not what you should post on, for example, Google My Business or even Facebook. This means that you have to create content for each platform otherwise you are not going to see any engagement due to being ranked low via the algorithm and essentially invisible to mostly everyone unless they directly go to your page, which is not likely at scale, and consequently all of your work turns out to be just a big waste of time, money, and efforts. And this is just the basic fundamentals and practices. It goes far deeper. So if you are scratching your head wondering why your posts are not creating ROI or engagement, well then this is half the reason/story!


Technology has been a blessing and a curse in a way for entrepreneurs. In order to make it a real blessing for your brand, you must digest the fact that Brand marketing is no longer an elective and the rules must be followed if you want to really succeed. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MONTHLY Brand Marketing budget and hire professionals that are branding experts and growth strategist, which leads to another problem, who can do all of this? Let’s break that down.

Expertise needed for Brand Marketing

Content creatives , The content itself , The graphic designer , The website developer , The Social Media Manager

The SEO Expert , The coder , The brander , The videographer , The Manager…

Wow…. Well that’s not in the budget…. Ten people for social media and Brand Marketing? Really? YES! Unless of course there is a solution, and NOT your 20 dollar and hour internal social media manager that may or may not take good pictures and post whenever… You need a real company, with real teams, with real solutions is what is absolutely needed for Brand Marketing results otherwise your wasting your time and money unequivocally! You may be asking “But who can do all of this work? Nobody does everything, it’s fragmented and I’ll have to hire multiple companies, right?” NO! Franchise Guardian® has been brand building for 20 years with collective experience of over 100 years. We have created the first ever all in one solution for Brand Marketing at Macro and even Micro! Our subsidiary is changing how we market in 2022 and posturing our brands bigger and better than the competition for a fraction of the cost. So how do we do this? Well, like anything else, a great team, innovations and dedication! We are excited to now serve our clients even more and really change how marketing looks in the real world for real brand with really great products or services that just need the right Brand Marketing Team/strategists! So reach out, we’ll offer the best plans, best prices with realistic goals to increase your revenue within your first campaign launch! We are not an agency, we build brand at scale-Enjoy!


An all in one solution, with real people, cutting edge technologies, methods, strategize, team, and solutions for brand building via many methods, growth and success for all budgets and brand sizes! We do not believe in fragmented services, we build brand at Macro even in the Micro!
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